As the debut season is nearing the end, Stargate Universe Creative Consultant John Scalzi talks about the latest Stargate series from an insider's point of view.

John's memorable roles include Bo Duke from The Dukes of Hazard and Jonathan Kent from Smallville. He's had lots of bad roles as well, but watching him speak it's very apparent that he's a pretty down-to-earth guy who enjoys acting and is always looking for another role that he can flourish in. Watch for yourself.

This session was dubbed "Super Happy Fun Time with John and Wil" and described as "Award winning bloggers John Scalzi and Wil Wheaton team up for a fun hour." What the hour consisted of was discussion of bacon scarfs and other bacon themed discussion including the story of bacon cat. Then the topic moved to the Velvet Wesley masterpiece and finally culminated in a reveal of a new piece of art featuring Wil Wheaton in his infamous clown sweater atop a unicorn pegasys kitten brandishing a spear in the direction of a "Scalzorc" which was John Scalzi in orcish form. They then proceeded to announce that there would be a contest of fan fiction form to determine the story of "what the hell" is going on in the piece of artwork. Details on contest All-in-all, a pretty fun time ;-)